Norman Reedus is being very sweet about his best bud Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead

After eight years of shooting zombies, shooting people, and finding ever-new ways of shouting “Cahrull!”, Andrew Lincoln is finally getting ready to leave The Walking Dead. But while there’s already been a lot of talk about how the loss of its acting anchor is likely to affect the long-running AMC series, we’ve all…

Today's extra-large Trailer Happy Hour will catch you up on all the Comic-Con TV trailers that you've missed

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where not all trailers are created equal. But even if not every promo or teaser—especially for TV—has the clout to make it at Comic-Con’s big Hall H, we still love them all, and pledge to gather them together in one safe place for you to conveniently devour. (That metaphor got away…

AMC names Yvette Nicole Brown as interim guest host for Talking Dead

AMC’s struggles to figure out what to do with its various Chris Hardwick-branded properties took another little step forward today, with Deadline reporting that Yvette Nicole Brown—who previously agreed to step in to handle Hardwick’s upcoming Comic-Con duties in the wake of implied allegations of abuse made in a Medium post

It's the time of the villains as The Walking Dead explores Savior treachery

Everyone’s the hero of their own story. In Negan’s mind, he’s the strong personality needed to unite people in desperate times, regardless of his measures. Simon sees himself as the pragmatic tough guy willing to do the things others, including Negan, won’t. And Dwight—well, maybe he’s more the tragic martyr type.

The Walking Dead unleashes a terrific battle, then bites itself in the ass

It’s difficult to assess an episode like “Do Not Send Us Astray,” because it’s more like two separate installments back to back. There’s the first part, which is arguably the most entertaining and purely kinetic sequence of the back half of season eight, and then there’s what happens after, which is a…