U2’s being sued for stealing parts of Achtung Baby’s “The Fly”

A British songwriter is accusing U2 of ripping off one of his songs for a single off 1991’s Achtung Baby. Per Billboard, songwriter Paul Rose lodged a complaint against the band on Monday, seeking a songwriting credit and $5 million in damages over allegations that “The Fly” copies elements of his song “Nae Slappin.”

U2 will relive 1987, perform The Joshua Tree in full on tour and at Bonnaroo

In honor of The Joshua Tree’s 30th anniversary, U2’s members will go where the streets have no name because they still haven’t found what they’re looking for. And they will do it with or without you. The band has announced that it will perform the iconic album in full during each stop on a tour spanning North America…


On its 25th anniversary, Achtung Baby remains U2’s defining achievement

As rock bands set on changing the world go, U2 has actually followed through and done some tangible good for important humanitarian causes. That doesn’t negate the fact that, for many, its sermonizing on the mount can be a turnoff. I felt that during one of the last times I saw the band in concert, where the sight of…