Giancarlo Esposito says his surprising Westworld cameo was thanks to Anthony Hopkins

Just as Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy seek to tirelessly obfuscate Westworld’s timeline, HBO did everything in its power to ensure Giancarlo Esposito’s guest spot on Sunday’s episode remained a secret. It makes sense; it’s always a joy to see Esposito, but to see him as a villain is to evoke his star-making turn as


Jeffrey Wright says Westworld’s pilot contains “flashing neon breadcrumbs” about the show’s future

“I think, as an audience, it’s best to just surrender to it and enjoy the trip.” So says actor Jeffrey Wright about Westworld’s second season, foolishly trying to plug the flood of theories spilling across message boards and comments sections throughout the internet. But, since nobody will listen to him on that count,…