Filthy Friends cap off this year’s Undercover with a melancholy version of Whitney’s “How Will I Know”

Whitney Houston had earlier attempts at dance-pop than “How Will I Know,” but none of them took hold of the airwaves like the 1985 smash hit did. While the original is uptempo and undeniably danceable, the lyrics could be interpreted as somewhat sad, with Houston potentially pursuing an unrequited love. Filthy Friends…


Can you take me high enough?: 24 songs with a pivotal key change

As guitarist Nigel Tufnel despairs to director Marty DiBergi in Spinal Tap, once your amps are turned up all the way to 11, “Where do you go from there? Where?” Many songwriters stuck in a creative corner kick up the jams with a tried and true chestnut: the key change. This showy yet effective tool can underline a…

Assuming the afterlife exists, in what fictional world do you want to spend it?

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