Will Smith’s lone rom-com muddled its message about pickup artists and romance

For a movie that features a professional pickup artist as its romantic leading man, Hitch has a surprisingly insightful central thesis: It’s sleazy, misogynistic dudes who make contemporary dating difficult for both women and men. The existence of these creeps forces women to be guarded and to couch their true…

Take a minute, just sit right there, as Will Smith describes how he went broke (then became the prince of Bel-Air)

Will Smith has been trying this “YouTube star” thing for about four months now, posting all the same kinds of videos—dumb pranks, food tastings, travel vlogs—that every would-be celebrity social media person seems to fill their channels with. A few weeks ago, though, Smith stumbled onto a possible revolutionary…

Will Smith is Genie and Princess Jasmine is a Power Ranger, as the live-action Aladdin casts its leads

Guy Ritchie’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin has finally found its leads, just days after reports began to circulate saying Disney was having trouble tracking down stars for the upcoming film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company made the big announcement at its D23 expo today, revealing that Power