Because you demanded it… Okay, because we wanted to do it,

The A.V. Club is now on Twitter. We'll be using it to let you know when new content has posted, make announcements about the site, and just, you know… Twitter? Tweet? Twit? Whichever. What's more, several A.V. Club writers have their own Twitter feeds you can follow, with more to come. (We keep prodding Nathan Rabin to join but so far to no avail.) Getting real-time reactions to what's going on in pop culture from The A.V. Club need no longer be something you only dream about. (And you'll probably find out when we're doing laundry, too.) You can find them via the "Following" section of the A.V. Club Twitter page. And, just a reminder, we can also be found on Facebook. (Though, as much as I love Facebook, this seems to be a far easier way to accomplish what I initially wanted to do with the Facebook page.) Now back to finalizing the big changes you'll be seeing here extremely soon. UPDATE: This originally posted with a bad link. Here it is in full: