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The Hannibal revival talks are really happening

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Three seasons of a show like Hannibal seemed like more than we as a society really deserved, but we as a species are nothing if not very greedy when it comes to adaptations of very famous books that bring a revelatory level of style to an otherwise familiar story. People have been asking for more Hannibal since before the show had even ended its original run in 2015, but after years of vague promises and and teases, it seems like the mission to resurrect the series is actually underway.

As reported by Indiewire, series creator Bryan Fuller—who is currently working on American Gods—tweeted recently that discussions about continuing the series couldn’t start until two years after the last episode aired, apparently because that’s when the rights to The Silence Of The Lambs (and the various characters who first appeared in that story) will be available. In theory, Fuller’s fourth season would introduce some of the Silence Of The Lambs stuff that previous seasons legally couldn’t touch.


The end of this month will officially make it two years since the end of Hannibal, and just in case Fuller’s tweet isn’t a clear enough indication that talks might begin happening soon, Hannibal producer Martha De Laurentiis is being a bit more obvious about it:


It’s too early to say if Hannibal will definitely come back, but the people who could bring it back are at least talking about it doing it.