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Vape community rejoices at Trump win

Photo: Gary Friedman / Getty
Photo: Gary Friedman / Getty

While many throughout the global community are still struggling to come to terms with their role in a Trump-run America, at least one group is totally fucking stoked: vapers. Vice reports that things are looking pretty fucking sick for American citizens who just want to sit back and blow clouds sans governmental regulations.


Earlier this year, the FDA announced regulations on the vaping industry that many thought would hurt the thousands of businesses with names like The Cloud House and Vape Escape and Vapelyfe that have popped up in strip malls across the country. A handful of brave politicians, including the vaping senator Duncan Hunter and Republican lobbyist Grover Norquist, spent the election season recriminating presidential candidates and journalists alike for not making vaping one of the hot-button issues of the election. (Norquist is still in the vape game, by the way, tweeting about it several times this week.)

Here’s a video of a chill bro puffing out some absolutely beautiful clouds:


The Vape Lobby is high on a Trump presidency as possible bulwark against further anti-vaping legislation. Trump has already signaled support for anti-regulatory personnel by appointing an EPA transition chief who does not think climate change is real. The future may be an arid hellscape in which hemispheral powers wage war over the Earth’s dwindling supply of breathable air, in other words, but at least we’ll puff some incredibly nice clouds in the meantime, like these rad motherfuckers:

That is our chill future.

Also of note is the fact that the famous vaping senator was one of the very first Republicans to endorse Trump. Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, notes to Vice, “Conventional wisdom holds that president-elect Trump is going to have more time for Congressman Hunter than he would for the average two or three term congressman,” meaning they will probably stretch out in the Lincoln Bedroom and try to fill that motherfucker with very sick clouds.

Elsewhere, the vaping community on Reddit has blown celebratory clouds over a Trump presidency, and a 2,400-word op-ed on VapingPost.com concludes, stirringly:

An organizer of people, well-connected, relentless, resilient, competitive, confident to the point of being slightly delusional, but this could be considered as a strength given the non-stop insanity it is to be the number one scapegoat in America. Throughout history, Presidents have been blamed for oil spills they had no control over, so Trump better get prepared for all the criticism and to secure his seat of power, perhaps having 9 million U.S. Vapers as your supporters would certainly be a good start. If he deregulates, the Vapers will congregate and show they appreciate.

You can read the whole article over on Vice, and learn to blow your own rad fucking clouds below.