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Watch hundreds of scooter-riding teens terrorize a city in extremely lame post-apocalypse come to life

Because apparently today’s version of our post-apocalyptic present is the one in which the aging populace is terrorized by roaming bands of lawless youths, here is some footage of a bunch of scooter-riding tweens clashing with police in downtown Brisbane, Australia over the weekend.

While the “event” was already loosely planned, it has been documented most widely and gained the most attention because of a YouTube and Instagram celebrity named Jack Dauth, who ultimately got, as he put it to his 160,000 Instagram followers, “arrested AF.”

The 18-year-old braces-clad social-media “influencer” is sort of the center of the action here, enticing the throngs of scooter-riding ne’er-do-wells with the notion of being in one of Dauth’s many popular YouTube videos of police encounters, security guard fights, and “illegal” scooter tricks. It’s pretty much the digital era equivalent of a “skateboarding is not a crime” shirt, only about scooters and transformed into this kid’s personal-branding exercise.


After he got arrested AF, Dauth’s throngs of tween acolytes chanted “free Jack” and went back to riding scooters safely, at least the ones who weren’t sent home to their parents to presumably be grounded without supper. Here is Dauth’s own YouTube video of the experience, in case you’d like to watch a teenage YouTube celebrity speak at length about the Australian police’s anti-scooter bias, as well as his merch sales:

Whether or not he’ll take the full heel turn and become a rapping, Jake Paul-style enemy of the people remains to be seen, but this is a very solid start.

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