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Watch Tony Stark present a fan with his own bionic arm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Internet isn’t all mashups and putting cats into things. It’s mostly mashups and putting cats into things, but there still remains that small portion of truly heartwarming moments where pop culture is able to help elevate people’s experiences. Such is the case with this video in which a child gets presented his new bionic arm by the world’s foremost (comic book) authority on such things. Robert Downey, Jr. suited up (not in that suit, but still looking sharp) to meet Alex, a 7-year old born with a partially developed arm, and help break in his new robotic arm that just so happens to look a lot like a piece of Iron Man’s armor.

The whole endeavor is part of Microsoft’s #CollectiveProject, which brought Tony Stark into the same room as Albert Manero, a former college student turned founder of Limbitless Solutions which seeks to build affordable, bionic, 3D-printed arms for children in need. It’s a touching video that has pierced through the usual cynical creations the Internet dreams up.