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Web Therapy: "Psychic Analysis"

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The great parade of guest stars continues on Web Therapy, as the show marches towards the end of its first season. This time, it includes a mini Friends reunion of sorts, the delightful Steven Weber as a financial scammer and a brief appearance by very missed Victor Garber, who is technically a regular cast member, though you wouldn't know it. The story itself has continued to gallop at full speed toward nutty, this time bringing in a psychic character to help magically string together plot points. Still, everyone seems to be having enough fun doing this to make the whole thing feel alright.

Kudrow’s Fiona Wallace is still in the midst of scrambling to secure the financing for her budding business while getting to the bottom of whether or not her mostly absent husband Kip (Garber) is, in fact, gay. A talented psychic named Serena, played flatly by Courtney Cox, happens to stop in for a session with Fiona and relays her frustrations over possibly losing her gift for dream interpretation after a particularly unreadable dream about a “phony wall of ice” (try saying it fast to hear the connection with the show's protagonist) and the wall's partner: a pink unicorn that likes to sneak to bars to rub horns with other unicorns. But for the time being, Fiona has too much pride to acknowledge the connection between the psychic’s crystal clear dream and her own life as an icy wall dealing with a randy unicorn.

We finally meet a Lachman brother, played by Steven Weber, which is nice reveal. While on house arrest during a SEC investigation into the firm, Robert looks to his former employee, Fiona, for help identifying what might be a desperately acute and completely made-up case of “risk addiction,” in order to further his case with the feds. But Fiona turns down the favor, especially in light of the fact Robert is behind on the company’s funding of Web Therapy. Until the, ahem, cash flow situation is remedied, Fiona’s medical diagnosis (which–does she actually have?) doesn’t look to include the Evil Knievel-type.

We learn Fiona also storms an episode of Tyra Banks' talk show, where Serena the psychic is on a panel to discuss Internet business building. Believing she’s been invited there to also be on the panel and discuss her new modality, screechy Fiona feels insulted and takes it out on Tyra, causing quite a scene. Or, well, that’s what we hear happened while Fiona and Serena hash it out after the fact through their chat boxes on Fiona's desktop. It’s a moment when the constraints of the show are the most glaring. Rather than hear two capable actresses describe something that already happened that we don’t get to see, it would be such a treat to see Fiona having that public, on-camera meltdown in a talk show audience. But at least Serena’s dreams about Fiona have proven true, even if the stuffy therapist is hesitant to admit the psychic could possibly be right.

Lastly, there’s a check-in with Fiona's mom, ol’ Putsy, who has gone completely batshit since the last episode. After her imposter, "adopted" Thai song Tik robbed the house of all its lavish belongings, got her hooked on pot, and somehow landed a bright, red squiggle of a tattoo on her neck, it’s amazing there’s anywhere to heighten to. Yet, here she is, wearing a neon red wig and painting a Fu Manchu-style beard on herself, while discussing the joys of medicinal marijuana. The newest update is that she’d like to let Fiona's sister move back in and reap the rewards of the family fortune, which means there’s surely a new guest coming into Fiona’s chat box next week. Beyond Tyra-endorsed psychics and painted-on beards, it’ll be fascinating to see what’s left to cover.