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Zachary Quinto to guest star on Hannibal

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Disappointing the millions of Slap-heads holding their breath for the announcement of The Slap II: It Is Slappening Again, Zachary Quinto’s next project for NBC involves a taboo more unspeakable than smacking someone else’s kid and making an eight-hour ordeal out of it. Entertainment Weekly reports that Quinto will follow up The Slap with at least one appearance (single serving?) in the third season of Hannibal. The actor will play a yet-to-be-identified patient of Gillian Anderson’s Bedelia Du Maurier, a pairing that has sent the nation’s fan-fiction authors straight to their keyboards, eagerly tapping out non-canon crossovers in which Dana Scully is a psychiatrist who dates Hannibal Lecter and counts among her patients that most famous of Zachary Quinto characters: Harry from The Slap.

“Highly illogical,” their version of Harry says to his shrink, while the authors get giddy about Hannibal boss Bryan Fuller reuniting in implied cannibalism with former Heroes star Quinto. Since the end of that previous series, Quinto has boldly gone on to greater parts, parts where only one man has gone before—that one man being Alex Dimitriades, the actor who won an AACTA Award for playing Harry in the original Australian version of The Slap.