Saoirse Ronan continues to move from prestige dramas like Atonement and The Lovely Bones toward more young-adult-leaning genre fare like this year's The HostByzantium, and Violet & Daisy. And now here's Ronan’s fourth of five films in 2013, How I Live Now, an adaptation of Meg Rosoff’s acclaimed YA novel. Playing a Manhattan girl who's sent to live with extended family in the English countryside during World War III, Ronan falls for her cousin before the war spreads to Europe, with an invading military splitting the family and forcing them into camps. The pop-punk soundtrack of the trailer feels a bit out of place given the apocalyptic subject matter, but it's also indicative of the film's Hunger Games-like aim to tell the teen-friendly story of a young girl forced by unthinkable circumstances to grow up too fast—a story Ronan's becoming all too familiar with.