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#26: Phantom Menace Beats Jedi

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No matter what the weather is where you live, these are the winter doldrums of pop culture. Your local multiplex is a dumping ground for stuff like a sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth, there isn't a lot going on in the way of music or books, and  only television offers anything compelling. We make some suggestions to help you get through the month. Also at your multiplex: The Phantom Menace in 3-D, which Noel Murray maintains is better than Return Of The Jedi. We use Van Halen's new album as a jumping off point to debate what we want from band reunions, and close out with some listener mail and Extracurricular Activities.


:53 - Steven Hyden and Keith Phipps talk about the new Van Halen and what we expect from reunions
17:08 - Noel Murray explains why The Phantom Menace is less sucky than you remember
26:12 - Tasha Robinson and Todd VanDerWerff suggest activities to make it through February's pop-culture doldrums
38:29 - A listener wonders if Gus Van Sant is on the previously discussed Francis Ford Coppola track; Scott Tobias and Keith answer
44:52 - Extracurricular Activities with Tasha, Todd, and Nathan Rabin

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