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7 more women allege misconduct in Cuba Gooding Jr.'s groping case

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The following post includes disturbing details of sexual assault.

Per Vulture, seven more women have come forward and alleged that actor Cuba Gooding Jr. engaged in “unwanted sexual contact.” The new group of women were part of new court documents that were filed amid an ongoing groping case. This brings the total amount of accusers to 22.


The documents outline a number of disturbing allegations ranging from “non-consensual kissing to aggressive touching.” One example details an incident that, per the filings, took place during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. The woman claims that Gooding asked her to accompany him to an event and accused her of being a “picky b—h” when he noticed she wasn’t drinking. Upset, she decided to leave and an “incensed” Gooding insisted on walking her out. The prosecutor continues to detail the alleged interaction: “While they were walking in a back secluded hallway the defendant began to kiss [the woman] without her consent. When she pushed him away, said no and noted that [Gooding] was married, the defendant placed his hands on her buttocks.”

The details that follow—which you can read in Vulture’s report—get fairly graphic, and culminate in ripped tights and an escape. Per the prosecutor’s filings, “the defendant only released [the woman] when she bit his cheek causing him to recoil and grab for his cheek.” The prosecutor likened the incident to previous accounts against Gooding, noting that “his prior acts demonstrate that his contacts with their intimate parts are intentional, not accidental, and that he is not mistaken about their lack of consent.”

Gooding continues to deny all allegations. Per a statement to Vulture from Gooding’s lawyer, Mark Heller: “The spurious, uncharged allegations offered by the District Attorney’s Office are so ancient and outdated and lacking in details and impairs the Defendant from defending against them; thus, it demonstrates that the District Attorney’s Office’s motive in introducing these inflammatory, uncharged allegations is not for any probative value, but to merely gain an advantage against the Defendant and prejudice the Jury against the Defendant.”

As of now, Gooding has not been charged in relation to the new claims and a judge is currently deciding whether or not these allegations can be used against him in court.