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A couple of guys tried to Vincent Adultman their way into Black Panther last night

(Screenshot: Netflix)

Today, in honestly-we’re-kind-of-amazed-we’ve-never-seen-people-try-this-before-in-real-life news: A couple of young guys posted a video of themselves online last night, attempting to sneak into a screening of Black Panther by putting on a trench coat and having one guy sit on the other’s shoulders. It was a classic Little Rascals move (or, as it’s known among fans of BoJack Horseman, the “Vincent Adultman.”) 


Black Panther is PG-13, so the tactic wasn’t so much about sneaking in underage as it was getting an unofficial buy-one-get-one-free offer. (Or, you know, just doing it for the Vine.) The video was posted by Twitter user @stevelikescups, who later showed a second clip in which the guys were rejected by the theater’s employees, even though they rode an escalator all the way up there to get their tickets, which can’t have been easy. They went to the trouble of getting the right kind of hat and everything, too.

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