You know how sometimes on Mondays, right around lunch time, you find yourself thinking, "If there's one thing that I would like to do right now, it's look at a short, out-of-context clip of David Cross and Jon Benjamin's upcoming animated series Freak Show on my computer," but you have no way of making it happen? Well, I've had the same thought. And I have resources (i.e. YouTube, sizable chunks of time). So, here you go:

A bit of context, including superhero/superpower descriptions can be found here. The show doesn't start until October 4th, but my favorite superhero is already The World's Tallest Nebraskan. And if you're looking for a more complete TV cartoon experience (i.e. full episodes) that you can strain to watch in a 4 X 4 inch window while pretending to work, you can watch every single episode from every single season of The Simpsons here (at least until Fox finds out about it). And, even better, you can watch every single episode of every single season of Futurama here. (A better method would probably be to only watch the episodes that you want to watch, as opposed to watching all of them in a row––an endeavor that would not only take hours and hours, but render you a drooling, glassy-eyed, though thoroughly entertained, shell of a person by the end of it––but use the information as you see fit.) You're welcome.