If you've been waiting for the chance to send a commercial (yes! A an actual advertisement!) to your friends, co-workers, life partners, and even your homegirls, now's your chance. Right now, for a limited time only, you can have Samuel L. Jackson (the motherfucker himself!) personalize a message about his upcoming disappointment, Snakes On A Plane, to every person in your life, and send it directly to their phones!

(Of course, if your friend's name is Amelie, or Susie, or even the very common Asshole, Jackson won't say their name. He also won't say "motherfucker," so start complaining to the producers of the film now, and maybe they'll have changed it by tonight.) Here's the link to this source of never-ending irritation:


Snakes On A Personalized Message Strangely enough, these messages sound exactly like those "Vote For" recordings, that candidates send out to phone numbers in their districts before an election. It's kind of confusing, really. There's no way I'm seeing this movie, but I am considering Jackson for City Council.