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A.V. Fest in pictures

The second annual A.V. Fest/Hideout Block Party (which was, for those counting, the third annual A.V. Fest and the 17th annual HBP) has come and gone, leaving in its wake only memories (and plastic cups). Rather than review our own festival—that would be gauche—we’ll use this space for gratitude. The bands, in order of appearance: Nude Beach, Trampled By Turtles, Mavis Staples, Neko Case, Vision Celestial Guitarkestra, Girl Group Chicago Featuring The Revelettes, Jon Langford, The Both, The Walkmen, Superchunk, The Hold Steady, and Young The Giant. The sponsors: Lagunitas, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Jeni’s Ice Cream, WXRT, Tito’s, Honest Tea, Uber, Acme Hotel. Our partners: The Hideout—Katie and Tim Tuten, hometown treasures. And of course the crew and volunteers, who were so generous with their time. And finally, everybody who came out and helped make this the most hospitable, low-stress, music-focused gathering of the year. Now, enjoy a whole bunch of photos (by Becky Frass, Dan Wilcox, and Chase Turner).


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