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Actual (Horror) Movie Trailers I Was Forced To Watch

It's October, which means changing leaves, displays of pumpkins and miscellanous gourds everywhere, kids dressed up like American Idol has-beens, and, of course, lots of scary movie trailers for scary movies. So, here are a number of actual horror (or horrific) movie trailers I forced myself to watch: 1. Grind House

This trailer hurts. And not because of the blood or the violence or even that incessant whining noise underneath it all, but because I can already see Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez explaining their exploitation film influences and the genesis of this idea and why it was important to make that fake blood so fake looking over and over again on every single talk show in the months leading up to the premiere. Prepare to hear the phrase "leg-gun" a lot. Still, it'll be fun to see if Tarantino can drown out Elisabeth Hasselbeck when he does that fast-talking, stuttering ramble thing during his appearance on The View. 2. Saw III [youtube:K_Yp-kIOTMs] How is Saw III going to up the ante on the previous Saws? With jars of gross stuff! And many, many masks! And a totally irrelevant, but creepy, biblical quote involving blood and judgement! Also, maybe someone will get liquified. Finally. (I mean Final Destination had already liquified someone by the second movie. Saw is way behind.) 3. The Grudge II

Once I went to a carnival in Germany and there was a haunted house there that was simply called "Asia"––as if just idea of the continent of Asia by itself was enough to be scary. (It wasn't, really. But there were a lot of fog machines and falling swords inside.) The Grudge 2 seems to put forth the same theory, but without the giant, menacing papier-mache Samurai standing out front. 4. Fur

This isn't really a horror film, per se, but it does have some scary elements like lots of whispering for no reason, a monster who lives upstairs, and Nicole Kidman's shocking transformation into an orangutan at the end.


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