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Against all odds, Travis Scott's Fortnite event was actually pretty amazing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Epic Games, the company that owns and publishes online money printer Fortnite, has long harbored some interesting ambitions for its massively popular internet shooter. (Ambitions beyond “Have all the money,” which it’s pretty much handily done.) With regular seasonal events tying in to popular movies, musical acts, and also Weezer, Fortnite has done its best to carve a space for itself out, not just as a video game, but as a sort of digital event space—an idea that sounded a lot less necessary just a few short months ago.

That being said, past Fortnite events have all come in somewhere in the vicinity of neat-bordering-on-infuriating—we still haven’t forgiven anyone involved for placing a key bit of Rise Of Skywalker’s backstory in an in-game promotional event. But they’ve also been a little…restrained. Sure, it was kind of neat to watch Marshmello DJ a set, or to wander through the vast, uncharted wilderness of Weezer Island. But this is still a video game, right? Can’t it go a little bit nuts?

As it turns out: Fuck, absolutely, yes. Apparently the missing ingredient was rapper Travis Scott, who dropped by Pleasant Park this week to spread a little extravagant, gorgeous crazy around. And look: We know “Travis Scott performs in Fortnite” is kind of a hard sell. But it really is a legitimately nifty thing they’ve put together, featuring a giant Scott looming over players, teleporting around, and occasionally blasting them off into space. At 10 minutes, it’s not like this is a full concert or anything, but as a way to feature music in an inventive new way—it’s essentially a massively multiplayer music video—it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen since a super-creaky digital Bono rocked the online world in Second Life.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either; Fortnite is running repeats of the event (the Travis Scott thing, not digi-Edge) throughout the upcoming weekend.