In case you haven't heard because TV, movie theaters, and scaffolding covered in posters have been merciful to you, the latest entry to the storied I fell-in-love-with-a-ghost-and-now-he/she-won't-leave genre is the upcoming Over Her Dead Body, starring (for some reason) Paul Rudd, and a human-shaped pile of make-up wearing a wedding band (Eva Longoria Parker). If you've ever wondered what Ghost would look like as filtered through Bridget Jones'Diary and then punched up by the writers of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry then you are in luck. Basically, it's so terrible it's almost magical.

The mustard, dear God, the slapsticky mustard! "Over Her Dead Body" doesn't quite cover the perfect confluence of awfulness captured on film here.

Alternate Titles for Over Her Dead Body

Why Is This Happening?

Women Be Ghostin'

Til Death Do Us Wacky

Ghost Dad II: Eva Longoria

Run, Paul Rudd, Run

Must Love Jealous Spirit Fiancees

Surprise, I'm Dead! Get Off My Man.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth Filled With Regret, Zany Circumstances

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Hauntin'

Hello, Again Again: The Reckoning

Angry Spirit Bride Ha Ha
(foreign release)