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An iconic gag: <i>Drag Race</i> season 13's queens on everything from <i>Chromatica</i> to COVID

An iconic gag: Drag Race season 13's queens on everything from Chromatica to COVID

Come New Year’s Day, VH1 will be releasing a whole new slate of queens into the world with the beginning of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. These queens come from Alaska to Arkansas, and were put into a COVID-bubble earlier this year in order to compete for both $100,000 dollars, and our adoration. The competition is fierce, as are the gowns, and in the end only one queen will truly reign supreme when this whole thing is over.

But it’s weird, right? To be talking about amazing drag performances when there are very few places in the world when you can actually go out to see a live show right now? The A.V. Club spoke with all 13 new Ru girls about that very issue, asking them what they hope to do when they’re all back out in the wide, vaccinated world. The results vary from crowd-surfing to fan-hugging, but you can see more in the video below.

We also asked the queens about the Ru girls that came before them: Who do the new queens look up to, career-wise, and who’s been holding it down in terms of finances? As Kandy Muse notes in the video below, there are queens who have bought multiple houses just off drag moneyand to these up-and-comers, that’s got to be inspiring.

Since these queens are coming in to the show after having followed it for years, we also had to know their favorite lip syncs. Everyone’s got one. Are they Alyssa Edwards fans, or do they lean more toward team Tatianna?

Finally, we went for some levity by asking the queens about their all-time favorite drag names—ones they wished they’d had for themselves, or just ones that make them laugh every time they cross their minds. (For the record, ours is Ashley Furniture.)

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 premieres Friday, January 1 on VH1.

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