Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a pretty awesome dude who can do anything, whether it’s beat some tough wrestler guy or star in a handful of flops and still somehow be a big box-office draw. But he seems to have met his match in this trailer for season two of HBO’s Ballers. Surprisingly, though, Johnson’s nemesis is not a guy who is somehow even more muscular and charming, it’s a slime ball played by Andy Garcia. Johnson should be able to crush Garcia’s puny head between his mighty fists, but for some reason he just sits there and takes it when Garcia insults him by paying for his drinks at a bar. Presumably, Johnson’s character will get his manly vengeance at some point in the show, hopefully by revealing that he’s way richer and has way more sex than Andy Garcia’s character. Then he’ll crush his head between his mighty fists.

Season two of Ballers will premiere on HBO this summer.