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Ask Matisyahu a question for Threadless TV

It's not often enough that we find attractive partners to share cyberspace with. We're loners over here at The A.V. Club, content mostly to hang out with our big brother The Onion and our new sibling, Decider. But we've always admired Threadless, the T-shirt company based right here in Chicago that relies on an army of users to make it great. So when they asked us to hop into bed, we said yes and didn't even blush. So here's the deal:

— You're a Matisyahu fan. Maybe you read our interview with him a couple of years ago. Maybe you thought of some better questions than we did.

— Think of a good question, and e-mail it right now to matisyahu@theonion.com. Don't leave it in the comments, because we'll probably ignore it.

— The folks at Threadless, as part of their Threadless TV section, will ask Matisyahu the five best questions in a video interview, which will be posted on avclub.com next week.

— If your question is selected, you'll get a $25 gift certificate to Threadless. And cultural infamy.

Hurry up, because questions are due by Friday at noon central!


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