Atlanta | Season 4 Official Trailer | FX

In teasing the series finale, Donald Glover told reporters: “We have a pretty good ending. We wrote an episode in the middle, and [producer] Francesca Sloane was like, ‘This has to be the last episode, right?’” (Sloane and Glover are also working together on Prime Video’s upcoming Mr. And Mrs. Smith series).


While discussing season three’s polarizing anthology-style episodes that often veered away from the protagonists, Glover and his brother, Stephen (who is an executive producer and writer on the show) said during the TCA panel that season four will have a “similar standalone vibe,” just not to the same extent. “Did we learn our lesson? No,” Donald Glover joked. Writer Stefani Robinson added that the team is “[proud] of the ambitious episodes.”

The show quickly became a critical and commercial success, earning several Emmys and has been touted for both its representation and groundbreaking storytelling. When asked about Atlanta’s legacy, Stephen Glover remarked, “It’s going to be about experimentation and how much weird stuff we’ve been able to do. Hopefully it leads other people to take risks and do weird stuff.”

Atlanta’s 10-episode final season will get a double-episode premiere on September 15 on FX, with the remaining eight airing weekly.