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Barney The Dinosaur is the subject of an upcoming documentary for Peacock

The three-part documentary will “examine the rock star-like trajectory of Barney the Dinosaur"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Barney The Dinosaur
Barney The Dinosaur
Photo: Matthew Peyton (Getty Images)

Peacock has started production on a documentary set to cover the glorious rise and epic fall of children’s character Barney The Dinosaur from the television series, Barney & Friends.

According to Deadline, the three-part documentary “examines the rock star-like trajectory of Barney the Dinosaur, the beloved character who captured the hearts of millions of children and then became the target of hate and rage across pop culture, the early internet and playgrounds around the world.”


The documentary hails from the executive producers behind Queer Eye, Equal, and The Hype. Tommy Avallone, known for his for on The Bill Murray Stories, is set to direct. Through the use of exclusive interviews and archival footage, the documentary will offer firsthand accounts of the Barney phenomenon from the cast and crew as well as outspoken critics.

Straight from the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, Sheryl Leach created Barney in 1988. Running for nearly two decades, Barney & Friends was inescapable for parents in the ‘90s. With his trademark song, “I Love You,” the anthropomorphic dinosaur captured the attention of adoring child fans, as well as his fair share of enemies. Ultimately, the series reached its demise in 2010.


“Barney the Dinosaur was a ubiquitous character for children and parents alike and we are thrilled to work with the Scout Productions team to bring this three-part series to Peacock,” said Rod Aissa, EVP, Unscripted Content, NBCUniversal Television & Streaming. “This documentary is bound to captivate audiences like Barney has over the years.”

As incredible as it would be to never reveal the face of Barney and keep him an enigmatic superstar, we hope the documentary offers some insight into David Joyner, the man inside the 70-pound dinosaur suit.

After working as Barney for nearly ten years, Joyner then personified another child mascot—the memefied Hip Hop Harry—before devoting himself to the practice of tantric sex massage.

The documentary series is set to premiere on Peacock next year.