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Become the idiot scourge of your group chat with an app that lets you tYpE liKE sPOngEbOb

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s not easy to maintain the coveted position of your friend group’s biggest moron. It takes genuine work to consistently think up stupid shit to insert into regular conversations, and it takes perseverance to really commit to stuff like, say, putting two salty french-fry fangs in your mouth and refusing to speak in a non Lugosi-voice for minutes on end.

Luckily, an app is now available to make these efforts a little easier, at least in text form. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can now instantly type in the style of those mOcKInG sPoNgEBob SQUaRepAnTs memes without having to fuss over toggling caps lock on and off.


Samir Mezrahi, the beautiful monster responsible for this creation, has made an iOS app called “sPoNGeCaSe” that, per its description, offers “tHe EaSiEsT wAy iN hIsToRy tO tYpE lIkE tHis.” It’s $0.99, which is a steal for any program that enables you to discuss where to meet for drinks or what to get a friend for her birthday in tHiS eNDlesSly FUnNy foRmAT.


“I’ll be at your place around 7,” someone says.

“ilL bE At yOUr PLaCe arOuND 7,” you reply, fingers soaring over the screen without ever once pausing to tap the keyboard’s upward-pointing arrow.

The possibilities, while, of course, limited to typing like a jerk all the time, at least seem endless. And, hey, there’s still no app that makes it easier to pop a colander on your head and talk in a robot voice at a social gathering yet so, for now at least, this will have to do.

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