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Behold: A ham and cheese sandwich that looks like Vin Diesel

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Whether you’re re-watching some classic Will It Blend videos or satisfying your curiosity about what a hydraulic press will do to your favorite childhood toy, it can sometimes feel like YouTube was created just so people could throw raw material into industrial-grade machinery for our enjoyment. But, if you want your “Look at what I made this expensive machine do” video to really be taken over the top, there are two simple additions you need to make. One: Make it about food. Two: Make it about America’s sweetheart, Vin Diesel.

That’s what experienced laser cutter William Osman did this week when, at the behest of one of his viewers, he crafted a bust of the Fast and Furious star out of ham and cheese. The resulting sandwich ends up looking a little less like Vin Diesel and a little more like Mr. Clean after he’s been laid up in the burn ward, but you do get to watch seven minutes of a guy manhandling 90 individual pieces of precisely cut deli meat. So, there’s that.

Perhaps this is just the beginning of laser-cut sandwich art. Maybe, someday soon, school children across America will be trading their turkey and swiss Jason Stathams for roast beef Dwayne Johnsons, and they won’t even mind the extra burnt, laser-enhanced taste.


[via Gizmodo]