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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Billy Joel's Wife Fired, Short-Circuited

It's been called "the greatest competitive reality show in the history of television" (by Noel Murray on our very own boards, and he meant it), but Top Chef had one major problem: Billy Joel's wife, Katie Lee. (Here she is with Billy, evidently channeling a talent-reversed Sonny & Cher, in case you forgot.)


She was stiff, had no real insight, and sometimes the humming of the gears inside her metallic brain got so loud you could barely hear what Tom Colicchio was saying. Well, apparently, Bravo finally saw an episode with Katie Lee in it, and they've decided to fire her, (from

Televisionary, via Defamer): "Top Chef's robotic host Katie Lee Joel, the veritable "Uptown Girl" herself, will NOT be sticking around for a second course of Bravo's hit culinary competition. According to a well-placed insider, Joel will 'not be returning' to the show. No reason for her departure was cited." Ok, so it's a rumor from an "insider," as filtered through two blogs. But maybe if we keep saying that it's true, then it will actually become true. (Afterall, that's how Jenny McCarthy came to be known as a "comedian.") So, now that Katie Lee is back where she belongs (in The Hamptons, refilling Billy Joel's wine glass), who should take over as host of Top Chef 2?

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