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Bookworm Adventures

What would happen if Scrabble and a turn-based role-playing game got drunk and had an illegitimate child? Bookworm Adventures would happen. Follow Lex, the giant green worm, as he lives out the pages of some of literature's most famous books, all by spelling. Players form words from a constantly updating pool of letters to damage story-themed enemies and eventually save the captured Cassandra—ripped from the pages of The Odyssey and transported straight into Arabian Nights, then beyond. Beating each chapter earns you a reward: new items that strengthen Lex's verbal attacks and weaken his enemies'. But be prepared: Whether via freezing, poisoning, or throwing "cheap shots" with daggers, these colorful characters are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome verbosity.

As with Scrabble, players can use letters from anywhere in their collections, instead of just contiguous ones. (This is a new feature for Bookworm games.) Unlike in Scrabble, there are no irritated family members watching the clock, so feel free to take plenty of time finding that perfect word. Plus, with powerful gem letters—bonuses for forming impressive words—and attacks that last multiple turns, there's definitely strategy involved. Add that to a collection of fun mini-games, and it's a recipe for addiction.


Beyond the game: Bookworm Adventures' epic premise might sound silly, but it's got a great sense of humor. Enemies spout one-liners throughout, and they all come with their own clever text description, from Circe's "diary entries" to the "traveler's tips" to sightseeing in the underworld.

Worth playing for: Lex's cries of astonished encouragement as you spell G-O-V-E-R-N-O-R. You're right, Lex, that was pretty awesome.

Frustration sets in when: After enough time staring at letters, they start to make mush instead of words. Take a break. Read a book. Regain literary sanity.

Final judgment: Indulge your inner word dork.