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Brett Ratner to direct a time-travel show for ABC, present a vision of a Ratnerized tomorrow

(Photo: Getty Images, Frazer Harrison)

ABC is developing Tomorrow, a "high-concept law enforcement procedural" concerning an FBI agent who becomes "trapped in a time-travel scenario" that is ostensibly  different in from other shows about people trapped in other time-travel scenarios, such as Journeyman and Life On Mars, in that it's about tomorrow. (It's right there in the title.) Obviously, Deadline reports it will be directed by Brett Ratner, a man empathetically trapped in his own time-travel scenario in which he experiences life as a series of sloppily assembled, hyperactive cuts, the very notion of natural, logical linearity completely foreign to him. News of Ratner's involvement also traps readers in their own time-travel scenario, in which they're suddenly hurtled forward to the day the show premieres, when they will dismiss it as "dumb." Curse you, Brett Ratner! No one should know this much about their own destiny!


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