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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Calling all vidiots: We’re giving away vinyl copies of the Joysticks soundtrack

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You’ve probably seen the movie Joysticks and don’t even realize it, sandwiched in between Oddballs and a “skisploitation” movie on USA Up All Night. Joysticks, released in 1983, transfers the “snobs vs. slobs” formula to the world of video games as an evil Joe Don Baker (the best kind of Joe Don Baker) attempts to shut down the most popular arcade in town. Of course, the arcade’s owner, Jefferson Bailey, and his team of misfits aren’t going to let that happen without a fight. There’s plenty of nudity to go around, and the climatic battle between good and evil takes place on an oversized Super PacMan machine. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Ray Knehnetsky and performed by Legion, has never been released for public consumption, but thanks to Eczema Records, that’s about to change. And you lucky A.V. Club readers have a chance to win an advance copy.

In partnership with Eczema Records, we’ll be giving away two vinyl test pressings, along with a Blu-ray copy of the film and an MP3 download of the soundtrack. All you have to do is email us at avcontests@theonion.com with the subject line “Joysticks” and let us know what your favorite video game is and why. Regale us with a tale of the time you finally jumped over all three alligator heads in Pitfall!, or maybe relive the glory of the Princess actually being in the castle. It’s much simpler than having to beat Ghosts ‘N Goblins twice just to witness the real ending.


You’ll also have to include your name and address, which isn’t as fun, but has to be done so we can actually ship you your prize. Winners will be chosen on Thursday, March 17, and notified by email the next day.