Hey you alls, Has anyone seen the commercial for "Annapolis" in which the announcer breathlessly informs audiences "Nothing you've ever seen can prepare you for Annapolis"? Now over my twenty nine years I've seen a number of films and had a pretty wide array of life experiences. Can the marketers behind the new James Franco/Tyrese vehicle really say with any authority that none of the films I've seen or experiences I've had could, in fact, prepare me in the slightest for what looks to be a sluggish, predictable genre film at best? Will seeing "Annapolis" really cause me to reexamine the way I perceive the world or is just such an incredibly visceral assault on the senses that nothing can adequately prepare me for it? For that matter have you guys ever seen a film for which the "nothing you've ever experienced can possibly prepare you for" hyperbole actually made any sense? Nathan