Happily, Diesel and Johnson were able to tamp down their petty posturing in order to film one final scene of indignantly flexing their pecs at each other. And the studio has since been doing everything it can to insist that “what happened is over, and no one expects there to be any lingering effects”—beginning with posting a cast photo to prove they’re all one happy, deliberately spaced family:


Still, as THR notes, the whole kerfuffle obviously has Universal worried about the working environment on future Fast & Furious sequels, of which there are at least two more officially planned (and at least a dozen more cynically predicted). While studio execs “stopped short of reprimanding Johnson,” having gotten a look at his arms, they did reportedly “warn him” about spilling any other complaints on social media in the future. Meanwhile, Johnson has “quickly lost goodwill” from the rest of the franchise team, leaving him solely with the cold comfort of Tyrese Gibson and the difficult task of rebuilding the phony, forced friendships between professional actors that are required to get through a few months of filming and press junkets before never interacting again. One hopes that Johnson’s learned a valuable lesson from this whole experience—that he also has a trailer, and next time he could just go hang out in his trailer, too. It’s probably pretty nice.