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Chris Hemsworth might reunite with Cabin In The Woods' Drew Goddard

(Photo: Getty Images For Disney, Alberto E. Rodriguez)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Hemsworth is in talks to reunite with his Cabin In The Woods director Drew Goddard for Bad Times At The El Royale. The movie is a ‘60s-set thriller that all takes place in a “run-down hotel” near Lake Tahoe in California, and it revolves around various characters who all have “shady agendas” that “violently collide.” THR adds that the project is “operating under a shadowy veil,” so the studio—20th Century Fox—is keeping specific character details under wraps.

That means we don’t know who Hemsworth will be playing, but we do know that he might be appearing alongside Jeff Bridges, who is also in talks to join the movie. Naturally, though, we also don’t know who Bridges will be playing, but it’s safe to assume that both of them will be characters with shady agendas.


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