Cocaine Bear: The True Story | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Based on the trailer, Cocaine Bear: The True Story seems to actually focus more on the bear’s supplier—doomed drug smuggler Drew Thornton—than the bear itself. Featuring interviews with various people involved in the case, including the special agent who actually found the bear and a former Knoxville, Tennessee sheriff who was one of the first on the scene after the kingpin fell to his death, the doc promises “corruption, murder, gun-running, you name it.”


For fans of the movie (spoiler warning!), the true story won’t feature any elementary-aged human kids housing fist-fulls of powder (good!) or bear kids doing the same thing (sad! They were really cute). Plus, there’s nary a mention of character actress Margo Martindale, which is certainly a knock on the viewing experience overall.

Like McMillions or even Tiger King before it, Cocaine Bear: The True Story seems more concerned with using its wacky raison d’être to explore a real-life instance of the corruption and greed inherent to the American experience. Or, you could just pop an edible and not think about it too hard (or at all) because, and we cannot stress this enough, it’s Cocaine Bear.