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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Comic Con Day 0: Countdown To Infinite Crises

Well, hello there! Welcome to The A.V. Club's annual coverage of the San Diego Comic Con International. It's a big year for the Con, this being its 40th anniversary and all, so it should be an interesting year to be here.

At least I hope so. I just landed in San Diego so I've got no sense if it's going to be the overrun, chaotic scene it was last year. This note is mostly to let you know to watch this space for future coverage of the Con. I'll be blogging it repeatedly from today through Saturday. I'll be joined later on by fellow A.V. Club contributor Todd VanDerWerff, who'll be doing most of the filing on Sunday. Together we'll try to hit the most newsworthy and interesting panels while giving you a sense of what it's like on the convention floor. (If you think that sounds like code for "posting pictures of people in weird costumes," you might be a little bit right.)


First up: I have to check in, then I plan to hit a marathon of pilots for forthcoming TV shows, assuming all goes well. And at Comic Con, there's always the chance that plans will fall apart. I'll check back in later tonight or, failing that, first thing in the morning then check in throughout the day. (I'll also be sending updates to my Twitter feed, if you can't wait for more fleshed out posts.)

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