Last week, Real Time With Bill Maher featured a lengthy, prop-heavy bit about hilarious items that you could find on sale in sex shops in Alabama, such as a corn-cob dildo, and a blow-up doll called The Inflatable Sister. So obviously, the show was in dire need of a little comedic boost.

And, then wouldn't you know it, this week, a group of 9/11 conspiracy believers slips into the live studio audience and heckles Bill Maher, leading to the show's most exciting exchange ever. Isn't that a little, you know, convenient?

Could Bill Maher have planted "9/11 Conspiracy Believers" in his own audience? Is Maher the mastermind behind the heckling of his own show? Is there a 9/11 Conspiracy Believers/Bill Maher Heckling Conspiracy?

Or are 9/11 conspiracy believers just crazy enough to think that yelling unintelligible things during a live talk show will somehow get a point across (besides, of course, "I'm crazy!")?

Poor 9/11 conspiracy believers. Hecklers never win. Don't they know that you need a visual prop (like a picture of the pope), or nudity, or body paint (Soy Bomb) to make a splash on live television?