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Delivery Man

Separated from his usual movie bros, Vince Vaughn is forced to make some new bros of his own in the new Delivery Man. Specifically, 533 of them. This remake of the French-Canadian farce Starbuck finds Vaughn once again in trouble for masturbation—this time literal, as opposed to verbal—with his typically Vince Vaughnian life as an aimless man-child interrupted by the discovery that a long-ago sperm donation yielded hundreds of little men- and women-children of his own. After seeking legal counsel from Chris Pratt (as anyone would), Vaughn ignores his pal’s advice and sets about getting involved in the lives of his accidental progeny, acting as a sort of fairy sperm-donation-father by flitting about in the background, watching over their own similarly frustrated dreams. Along the way he proves his worthiness to girlfriend Cobie Smulders, and no doubt he also learns something about himself, such as whether his sperm is radioactively enhanced or what.


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