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Today the president and his gang of race-baiting reactionaries fulfilled a campaign promise by announcing intentions to end DACA, a program enacted by President Obama to acknowledge the common humanity we share with other people on this Earth, and vilified by President Trump because it was a thing Obama did. There remains six months for Congress to act in opposition here—so, you know the drill, get to calling or donating—but other people are taking matters into their own hands.

Like Cher, for example, who is great on Twitter, and immediately fired off the following:

Of course, as a celebrity with some 3.4 million followers, such political musings are likely to inspire a robust response from the scads of crazy-eyed ideologues wandering through the rhetorical wasteland of the internet, an eventuality that arrived in this instance by the name of “Brenda,” and for which Cher was extremely fucking ready:

Brenda is now, per the terms of service on Twitter, contractually required to delete her entire account and take up a new life of digital monasticism. So long, and thanks for trying out the internet.


Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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