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Dril politely requests that you do not respond to his posts

Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

Dril is the last pure thing online, a surreal and frequently scabrous Twitter presence who has proven impervious to both doxxing and ponderous A.V. Club thinkpieces. His sense of humor—both extraordinarily in the know and extraordinarily out of it—defines the inner-most circle of internet culture, and has proven remarkably influential and enduring. Everything he utters is recirculated ad infinitum, sometimes to resurface time and again as people find eerie connections between his utterances and the real world. Anytime something happens, everyone tries to find the Dril tweet that predicted it; it is the purest form of appreciating Dril posts.

The least pure way of appreciating Dril posts, on the other hand, is to comment on them. This has always been self-evident—watching people attempt to riff with him, doing pale imitations of his voice or trying to fill in the spaces artfully left blank in the original tweet—is one of the saddest displays of thirst online.


As Daily Dot points out, Dril has finally had enough, filming a series of polite requests that people do not respond to his posts. It’s not really breaking character—it’s terse, and the X is very Dril—but you have to know the untold millions of bad replies have been eating at him over the years.


There are a few variations—“Please do not reply to my posts”; “Don’t reply to my posts, please”; “(Monkey sounds)”—but the point is clear. There will be no more replies to his posts, please.

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