Earnest Craigslist ad seeks test subjects for black magic

Two days ago, a post appeared in the Brooklyn “talent gigs” section of Craigslist looking for a “test subject for spells and black magic.” Finally, you might be thinking, a chance for an amateur necromancer to bumblingly fill me with the spirit of ancient Babylonian deity.

Not so fast.

The actual listing promises a much different experience, one that encompasses multiple avenues of the dark arts. “Perform spells with us and on yourself,” it reads, “and we drink and hunt ghosts throughout America. Must have a flexible schedule and desire to appear in filming.”

Well, this raises some interesting questions. Who is “us”? What are you filming? More importantly, where is it airing? Also, what am I? A “test subject” or a member of some gathering of the dark arts? Is this some millennial reboot of The Craft? What are we drinking? Is it blood? It’s blood, isn’t it?

Well, at least they’re up front about one thing: There’s no pay.

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