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Eight-Year-Old SNL Impression: The Play

Will Ferrell does a pretty funny George W. Bush impression, so to celebrate the merciful end of Bush's presidency, he's doing that impression on Broadway. For weeks. Why? Well, that's for Will Ferrell to know and you to pay absurd theater ticket prices to find out. (Or, you could watch it on HBO.)

Will Ferrell is funny, and it's nice to see him step away from his usual man-child sports-star characters and backwards into a presidential man-child impression he stopped doing regularly on SNL in 2002. But what is this? Can't all George W. Bush impressions be put out to pasture when W. is? Please? We deserve a break, at least, but Ferrell's "You're Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush" doesn't even begin until January.


If I were Frank Caliendo, I'd be worried: Will Ferrell is clearly moving in on Caliendo's tired, but eerily accurate impressions of public figures territory. If Ferrell's show goes well, expect to see Chevy Chase's "Klutz: Remember Gerald Ford?" off-Broadway some time in the spring.

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