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Everybody's becoming super friends in the new Justice League trailer

With Justice League coming out in just over a month, Warner Bros. has finally shared a new trailer for the huge team-up movie. This one isn’t wildly different from the footage we’ve already seen, but it’s worth noting that this is the first full trailer (not counting that Comic-Con clip) to come out since original director Zack Snyder stepped down and Joss Whedon took over for the movie’s reshoots. It’s impossible to say if Whedon’s work has altered anything in this trailer, but there is a lingering, slow-motion shot of the Batmobile firing an enormous cannon, so this is still clearly a Snyder movie at heart. Big gun aside, the trailer also has a more grandiose version of “Heroes,” a dream cameo from a guy who definitely won’t have a mustache in the movie, and the Flash nerding out over seeing the Bat-Signal. Also, everybody in general just seems to be having a pretty good time.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 11.


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