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Evidence Of A Slow Entertainment News Day

Evidence Of A Slow Entertainment News Day: 1. People apparently care about the engagement of one of the 18 cast members of one of the 5 hospital dramas on televison. 2. Picking at the bare carcass of the Spears-Federline divorce has reached the level of 4-hour-long sex tape conjecture, as well as quotes from Jason Alexander, a man who Spears was married to for about 4 hours. 3. One of the top 5 stories on People.com right now involves the marital status of famous wax figures (Pitt-Jolie Wax-Museum Wedding Is Canceled)–a story that includes this juicy scoop about the magical guest list of the failed nuptials of the famous mannequins:

The display was set to be unveiled on Wednesday. Had it appeared, it would have included George Clooney as best man and, as guests, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, Liberace, John Wayne, Ben Affleck and gangster Bugsy Siegel, according to the AP.


4. Eva Longoria, seeking the brief warmth that only the spotlight of a rumor-debunking (or prolonged use of Mystic Tan products) can provide, bravely steps forward to debunk a rumor that never existed. (Eva Longoria: I'm Not Starring In A Lesbian Movie) 5. Stories are talking about Dreamgirls as if it won't be the most annoying thing ever. (Chasing Down The Dreamgirls) Clearly there's nothing left to hype. 6. I just read this story about the opening of the world's first Creationist museum twice. Evidently, it will cost $25 million to build, which means lots of animatronics, large-scale, faithfully-rendered biblical scenes, and, of course, lamb-obscured nudity:

We pass the site where one day an animatronic Adam will squat beside the Tree. With this commitment to authenticity, I find myself asking what they are doing about the fig leaf. [The Museum's designer]Marsh considers this gravely and replies: "He is appropriately positioned, so he can be modest. There will be a lamb or something there next to him. We are very careful about that: some of our donors are scared to death about nudity."