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Blade Of The Immortal (Image: Fantastic Fest)

The downside of most cool film festivals is that they’re not happening anywhere near wherever you happen to live (unless you happen to be a Cannes or Park City native, which sounds like it would be annoying), so the people behind Austin’s Fantastic Fest have decided to take some of their cool movie fun around the country with a series of “satellite festivals.” As announced in a press release, the new offshoots will be heading to New York, San Francisco, and Denver from September 29 to October 1, and they’ll “share the DNA and lineage of programming” that has already made the vanilla Fantastic Fest into a hit.

The lineups for the mini-fests include Blade Of The Immortal, Brawn In Cell Block 99, My Friend Dahmer, and The Square, though the specific set of movies differs slightly between each city. You can find more information and purchase tickets at this link.


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