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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Fed-up veteran journalist Dan Rather has started a Facebook news page

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Clearly disheartened by a perceived decline in journalistic standards and integrity, iconic newsman Dan Rather has decided to become a voice of sanity among the rabble by launching his own curated Facebook news feed. The page is called “News And Guts”—named after Rather’s media production company—and while it may sound like a rejected pitch for a mid-’90s Nickelodeon game show, it’s actually a place to get updates on breaking stories from respected and reputable sources.

Some of the posts currently on the page include the Washington Post’s takedown of Trump’s most recent claims of voter fraud, Rather’s Nasdaq interview about the public’s trust in the media, and a summary of Trump’s comments to the press on the newly ordered border wall. The page, unlike some, seems to be focusing on an even-handed, information-forward approach to its social news feed. And, having gained over half a million likes in a few weeks, the approach appears to have struck a chord.


Here’s how the page summary reads:

Dan Rather has created a media company that promotes his vision of real journalism, news of integrity and as he would say a “play no favorites, pull no punches” brand of reporting. News with guts. In these turbulent times, we seek nothing more than the truth.


In other words, this ain’t your daddy’s Facebook news page. It’s a different older man’s Facebook news page. But, if you’re going to be getting your news from the same endless feed where you get your Garfield memes and pictures of your toddler-aged nephews, there are worse places you could start.