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30:e november

1h 56m


Göran Gillinger (Adam)María Celedonio (Julia)Ray Jones IV (Sasha)Jonas Karlsson (Tobbe)Frida Hallgren (Sirka)Percy Bergström (Lasse)Goran Marjanovic (Goran)Peter L. Abrahamsson (Hasse)Steve Aalam (Nabil)Stefan Sauk (Policeman)Mekail Jalaho (Raffa)Alvaro Fuentes (Miguel)Hugo Álvarez (Umberto)Charlotta Larsson (Tobbe's mother)Göran Forsmark (Adam's father)Gunnel Fred (Policewoman)Lars-Åke Kastling (Police officer #2)Pepe Alaniz (Umberto's brother)


Daniel Fridell



On November 30th (the date when King Karl XII died) there will usually be demonstrations by hyper-national and neo-Nazi groups, and also democratic counter demonstrations. The plot of "West Side Story" is transferred to the Stockholmian suburb Alby where many immigrants live. But the film is no plagiarism, in particular no so because many scenes have the intensive character of live transmission. The boy (Adam) belongs to a Nazi group whose racial attitude is foremost directed against immigrants with 'wrong' colour of hair or skin. The girl (Julia) belongs to a family of political fugitives from Peru. Adam and Julia immediately fall in great and reciprocal love, and there are highly emotional love scenes. Therefore Adam breaks with his group. But when his best friend is killed by Julia's brother, he kills the brother. In turn the couple is hunted by the police and Julia's relatives. Both Adam and Julia are finally murdered. The film takes no step toward reconciliation.