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Anu Ruwad -The New Dawn

1h 34m


Rajib kr. Doley (Master)Pushpa Misong (Satula)Nilim Dutta (Nazim)


Dilip Kunar Dole



Siyajuli Hospital is situated in a very remote place of Majuli. The inhabitants of the locality belongs to tribal Mishing people having own traditional social customs, religious faith and practices. The village Satula, head of all religious practices in the area dictates terms in matter of religious activity. He is very orthodox and adamant. Dr. Nazim Hussain, MBBS, is posted at Siyajuli Hospital by Govt. He joins there and works sincerely with dedication in treating patients. He visits the houses of raised platform to treat patient whenever requested. The Satula is irritated by the act of visiting the houses by the doctor as Muslim should not enter the house of Hindu. This is a sin. Agam Doley Head Master of the local High School is a man of progressive view and social worker. He fully supports the doctor and encourages the people to accept medical treatment instead of indulging blind faith and practices. Satula plots conspiaracy to transfer Dr. from there but failed. Meena daughter of Bankidhar whom Gantilal, son of Mugilal of Kopatoli village wants to love her but Meena denied. One night Gantilal comes to Bankidhar's house secretly to molstate Meena but cought by Bonkidhar. Gantilal has been driven on village road by villagers. Mugilal dramatically make Bonkidhar's family as witch domesticator. The villagers killed Bankidhar and his wife. Meena luckly saved from the mob by escaping and take shelter in the house of Agam Doley. She tells the actual incident in presence of Agam and the mob.